Where do we go from here?

Are you at the stage of your lives where you are empty nesters or close to it?  

Have you awaken with a start and wondered where you are going from here now that the kids are on their own?

A lot of people at our stage of life wonder what am I going to do next.

Am I ready to retire? 

Do I just want to sit for a bit or do you want to do something? 

This is a time in people’s lives where they can feel a little lost and out of focus.  This is a time when you sit down with your spouse or partner or just a real good friend and talk out where you want to go.  It can be difficult even to figure out what you want.  Often what we wanted in our twenties is not what we want in our fifties.  

This is something Bob and I on our quest of changing our lives for the better have talked a lot about.  We have it mostly sorted out but we are open to change if we discover something new but for the most part we know what we want to do.

What about you?  If you need someone to bounce ideas off I would love to hear from you.  

Start thinking now about tomorrow.  It is funny often people think and organize a trip to the littlest detail but will not put the same energy into the rest of their lives. 

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