Update – March 30

Just a few days now before we laugh – AAAHH!

This update talks about how the broadcast is going to work, how we’ll move from recording to broadcasting and more.

More calls for walks, help and more.

Here’s one that we didn’t talk about yet…

Can you help us with video editing?  If so, we’d REALLY like to hear from you!  Just head over to the “Make a proposal” page and tell us how you can help.

Thanks to all!



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A quick update on our timing and on some of our coaches.  These are the first coaches, but certainly not all.  If you want to see all the coaches we currently have or have already worked with, check out our experts page.
Boy, we’re getting both excited AND scared as Day 1 of our big year of 180in365 changes looms before us.

We’re hoping that once we’ve actually gotten started that some (all?) of these jitters will fall away.  I guess time will tell.

Quick request…

We were originally planning to do most of our updates via Facebook, but with the recent changes, we know that not everyone will receive the messages we post.  The number one best way to keep track of our progress, to find out about upcoming events and to both post comments and ask or answer questions is through our website.

You may already be reading this post on the website, and if so, thank you!  If not, please go check our the site.  Our site is called, naturally, 180in365.com.  Please consider joining our mailing list to receive a heads-up as the good stuff comes up.  If you’re looking at the blog of the website, the signup form is always on the right.  Please use it!

Also, don’t forget to visit the Community Forum.  The forum is where you can ask questions, tell us how you’re doing in your own quest and to generally get involved.  Just go to the Community Forum page and have a look.

To participate, you’ll need to register.  It’s free!  Just create a quick account and you’ll become one of us. 

We look forward to hearing from you and reading about your success as well!  


Here’s some of the main reasons we’re doing what we’re doing:

Our kids

Left to right: Heather, Sharan, Stuart and Cameron – Love you guys!