Lisa Patel

Lisa Patel is a top real estate agent, but left us some really awesome, non-real estate advice for the ages.  Have a listen to the excellent advice from Lisa Patel and other experts at Jennifer Beale’s Summer Bash 2018 event in July 2018important advice.


Kim Thompson-Pinder

Kim Thompson-Pinder has the honour(?) of being the first of the interviews to be published.  These interviews asked these experts “What one tip, suggestion or piece of advice can you give us to help us on our 180in365 quest?”

Click play and hear the excellent advice we got from Kim!


One day to Day 1



Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow is when we take the first steps of our year long journey.  This is a really exciting, terrifying and extremely busy time.  Wow!

So much work has been done to get this set up and so much remains.  We’ve had some WONDERFUL people step up to offer their help and support.  You’ll be hearing about many of them as we move forward.

In the meantime, we take a deep breath, celebrate the birthday of our son and feel thoughts of great thanks for what we have.

Talk to you all soon!


Please consider sponsoring our TV show.  Have your name and brand front and center as part of what we do.  To learn more, please go to the Make a Proposal page and, well, make a proposal.  Thanks!


Update – March 30

Just a few days now before we laugh – AAAHH!

This update talks about how the broadcast is going to work, how we’ll move from recording to broadcasting and more.

More calls for walks, help and more.

Here’s one that we didn’t talk about yet…

Can you help us with video editing?  If so, we’d REALLY like to hear from you!  Just head over to the “Make a proposal” page and tell us how you can help.

Thanks to all!



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Join us on a walk

If you are in the Toronto area, we’d love to get your suggestions for a great walk this summer.  Even better, we’d LOVE to have you join us!

Not in the Toronto area?  Give us your best suggestions for where you are!  Marg and I LOVE to travel and we just might end up coming your way to meet you and to try out your walk as well



We love walking and hiking, don’t you?

Please come and enjoy some time and a healthy activity join us on a walk!