“When you put aside action for learning, you have passed the critical point”

How much learning is too much learning?

I know the old adage that says you can never have enough learning.  The problem is, it’s not true.  At least, not true in the total sense.

Of course, knowing and understanding more about your area of expertise is always a great thing.  Expanding your “silo” of expertise is also a good thing since problems, and opportunities, rarely slot into a nice neat niche.

So when then is too much learning a bad thing?

When I began to create online courses, I wanted to help as many people as I could.  I planned out the courses and the lessons I wanted to teach, and then collected information and did my research on new / better ways to accomplish whatever it was I wanted people to learn.  

As I was learning more and finding out more, I kept bumping into new material that I found very important to my lessons and to the people I was trying to help.  I kept adding more terrific information and going WAY beyond the original objectives of the lesson… because I HAD to report all that I knew.  On top of that, you can always “polish the apple” and make your presentation that little bit better.  I was proud of the course I was creating, until one day the realization hit me hard.

I realized that while I was adding more content and making the lessons more valuable and easier to understand, I was missing the point.  What good is the perfect lesson if no one ever gets to take it?

When you find yourself delaying action in order to learn something new, you’ve gotten into the rut of too much learning.  When you get into “paralysis by analysis” or feel the need to continually update with the latest trends, you’ve allowed the learning to slow you down and THAT’S when you’ve reached too much learning.

The only way around this block is to simply act.  It’s simple , but definitely not easy.  A person who over analyses their work has convinced themselves that the solution needs to be perfect.  Nope!

Use the vast store of knowledge that you’ve accumulated to help you move more quickly.  Get the best solution you can into service as quickly as possible and let ‘er go.  Watch how well it succeeds and adjust.  This way, you’re in the game and growing your business right away.  Acting now also has the bonus of using real live results to use for your future tweaking.  Even better, you are now actually helping the people you set out to help in the first place. 

Now that’s a win!

Learn your lessons in order to create a terrific solution as quickly as you can.  Get that solution out to the world.  The world needs what you have.  Then, watch the results and the comments and tweak what you’ve done.  Using your knowledge to go fast while creating a solid solution helps you and your target audience as quickly as possible.  THAT’S the way to use your learning to make the world a better place!

A quick update on our timing and on some of our coaches.  These are the first coaches, but certainly not all.  If you want to see all the coaches we currently have or have already worked with, check out our experts page.
Boy, we’re getting both excited AND scared as Day 1 of our big year of 180in365 changes looms before us.

We’re hoping that once we’ve actually gotten started that some (all?) of these jitters will fall away.  I guess time will tell.

Quick request…

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Here’s some of the main reasons we’re doing what we’re doing:

Our kids

Left to right: Heather, Sharan, Stuart and Cameron – Love you guys!


Who We Need:


  • Experts in any of the Healthy, wealthy and wise areas 
  • People who can and will teach us something new about ourselves
  • People who are good with being on TV and getting international exposure
  • We’re interested both in the tried and true AND in the new and cutting edge
  • Anyone who can help us as individuals and as a couple

We need SO many people in so many areas.  Virtually all areas of our existence are in play here.  We are dedicating this next year of our life to learning and adopting new ways of thinking, new ways of living and better ways of doing business.

Our plan as we move forward is to work with masters to understand and use / adopt / live their teachings and philosophies and to then work with another.  This is NOT about finding the best thing out there. Rather, it’s about learning to look, learning about things we’ve never thought of before, and about finding a happy, healthy and positive philosophy and lifestyle that’s best for us.

Can you help?  If so, PLEASE click the “Make a Difference” button to the right and let us know!

Call for Experts

There is simply no way for us to succeed with our 180in365 quest without the help of experts, trainers, teachers, gurus, mentors and more.

Can you help us?


“Please help us help ourselves and many others”


Make a difference



“If your goals don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”

In case you REALLY want to get into everything, this second video is truly the first we created.  It’s the same message, so watching it is definitely optional.

Our Mission

Well here we go.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Marg had an absolutely brilliant idea.  One that scared the poop out of both of us, so we knew it was something that we absolutely had to do.

The 180in365 mission, or personal project or life goal is for us to examine our lives as people and as a couple from all possible angles so that we can reinforce the great things we already do and are, and correct the other things so that we become the people we truly want to be.

And we’re doing it all on camera and in front of you, warts and all.


This video is the first thing we recorded once we’d figured out where we wanted to go, and what we wanted to do about it.