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Part of our 180 degree journey is that we want to give back to the world to show our thankfulness and appreciation for all that we are and have.  We feel that giving back is a very important part of a life well lived.  Here are the groups and organizations that we’ve chosen to help


Dr. Richard Oyefeso from 4Breath4Life on

Watch the Dr. Richard interview below and get a sense of the size of this daily tragedy.  



Dr. Richard Oyefeso of 4Breath4Life on



Richard Olumide Oyefeso is a Consultant Pediatrician, a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. He serves the needs of children and families of parts of the US and Canada.

He was born in Nigeria and has practised medicine in Nigeria, the Caribbean and North America. He has a special passion for children, standing for the underserved as well as reducing social disparities .

He has served on the boards of several hospital systems and charitable foundations. He is the founder of 4 Breath 4 Life, an organization fighting to save the lives of babies and mothers in underserved countries especially Nigeria. There is a harrowing statistic that more than 700 babies die in Nigeria everyday and 4 Breath 4 Life has taken up the challenge to change that reality.

4 Breath 4 life engages in programs that promote capacity development amongst health care providers and increase knowledge and awareness in the communities they serve. The organization runs training workshops focused on skills acquisition for health care workers, awareness and health promotion programs for communities. The organization also actively partners with other allied organizations to support the millennium development goals 4 and 5; reducing child mortality and improving maternal health.

He is married with 3 lovely girls and a cute son.

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Do you have a cause or organization you feel needs more attention?  If so, we’d like to hear about it.  We can’t promise to list every organization that’s placed before us, but we DO promise to look at and consider them all.

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