Our Experts and Mentors

There’s absolutely no way that we can possibly make the changes and improvements we so dearly want without the very expert assistance of some really awesome people.  Here are the people who are responsible for all that we are becoming:


Andrea Jones

Like many of you I struggled with weight-loss for years. It wasn’t until I learned shifting my thinking was actually the key. I realized this when I became a Registered Health Coach. Since I began my journey I’ve lost over 55 lbs and I’m no longer a slave to snacking.
My name is Andrea Jones and I am a Registered Health Coach with the Canadian Health Coaching Alliance and I’ve been coaching people for over 15 years in a variety of industries but my true calling is helping people lose weight, shift their mind and keep the weight off for good.
By shifting how you think about things, you shift your habits.
By shifting your habits, you shift your weight.
I help you shift your habits and lose the weight …
No remembering required!
Check out my website at www.cre8wellness.ca




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Coach Rick, Ricardo Ibarra-Rivera

Coach Rick Will be with us the entire 365 days.  He is a Peak Potential Coach, Health and Fitness Coach.  He is also an accomplished actor.  We will be telling you more about Coach Rick soon.






Gord Isman

My name is Gord Isman and I’m a Video and YouTube Consultant specialising in helping people to grow their businesses with video.  I offer done-for-you services as well as one-on-one coaching to help you work through your video creation and content marketing challenges. 

I help you succeed with the right kind of video for your message, brand or personality. Whether you want to make a how-to video, a promotion/sales video, a course creation video, a welcome video or a testimonial video, I can help you through every stage of video creation from storyboarding and script writing to shooting and editing.  
My expertise includes many of the most popular video creation tools including  Camtasia (video editor), Adobe Premier Pro (video editor), Adobe Audition (audio editor), Powerpoint (to video), and Explaindio (whiteboard),  to name just a few. Please check out my website to learn more:  https://gordisman.com/


YouTube Channel: http://




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Hailey Patry

Hailey Patry, #1 International Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Facilitator.

Hailey is a True Happiness Coach, Marriage Mentor and Offline Success Trainer.

As a survivor of more than 20 traumas, including rape, abuse, cancer, depression and two childhood suicide attempts, Hailey teaches you in a matter of hours how to triumph over adversity quickly, experience total freedom from your challenges and unleash your power to create your dream life both personally and professionally. After everything she has endured, she has been named “World’s Happiest Woman”. 

Hailey works with entrepreneurs, families, organizations and couples. In addition, Hailey is a seasoned business owner, running companies for over 20 years, such as a traditional business, an International franchise, a Global Corporation, a 60-million-dollar home-based business, and a coaching institute. She mentors business owners to achieve their full potential, creating a successful LIFE and a successful BUSINESS.

Formerly a divorced single mother in financial ruin, she went on to build her multi-million-dollar business. Hailey is now a happily married, mother of three and she wants to teach you her methods for achieving success in love, life and business…by shifting from your victim story to your HERO story!

She has spoken for over 500,000 people, coached over 1000 people privately and supports 15,000 online students in 134 countries. Hailey is the founder of The Lifted Lid…”Life Uncapped” and a Master Coach of Radical Living and Radical Forgiveness. So…If you’re ready to truly shine, speak to Hailey, and book some time. The first hour is her gift to you!

Need support? Text or email 416-797-5856 hailey@theliftedlid.com






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Jane Warr

Trainer Jane Warr is a Communications & Sales Trainer, helping entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals learn to communicate honestly, openly, respectfully and directly; in personal and professional relationships and to increase revenue.

As a Certified Trainer for B.A.N.K. Personality Based Sales Training, she helps businesses understand why people buy. The methodology used is the only one in the world, scientifically validated, to predict buying behaviour. It is the reverse engineering of the sales process, resulting in closing more sales, closing sales faster, and increasing revenue up to 300%.

To learn more, Crack Your Personality Code at: mybankcode.com/newbisystem and get your complimentary assessment!

As a Verbal Aikido Communications Trainer she delivers a life-transforming experiential program, combining advanced communications skills, and Emotional Intelligence. She helps individuals enjoy rich and rewarding personal relationships, experiencing genuine respect, acceptance, interest and mutual benefit. They learn to live free of guilt, fear, anger, regrets, resentment or confusion. Corporations are helped to increase business performance, drive higher sales revenue, and change corporate culture.

She is also known within business training, for her unique “Selling on the Spot Marketplace” events, where she challenges entrepreneurs to get out of their comfort zone, learn, network, present, and ask for the sale!, helping them be more productive, build their client base, earn more money, all while having fun!

Jane has shared her insights as a 3 time International Best-Selling Author, is on the Board of Directors of StartUp Durham, and an Advisor for StartUp Canada.

She delivers keynote addresses, as well as topics ranging from: Communication, Negotiation and Closing the Sale, The 5 Steps of Ethical Influence, Building Rapport & Trust, and Personality Based Sales Training to local groups, corporations, professional and non-profit organizations, and women’s associations.

Jane inspires people with her candid stories and “tough love” approach for personal fulfillment and professional success. She has been on TV, in magazines, and interviewed for books and radio nationwide.

For more information, visit www.TrainerJaneSays.com today or reach her at: jane@trainerjane.ca






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lenaee dupuis

Lenaee Dupuis is a Pure Romance Consultant, who has been helping to Empower, Educate and Entertain women through home parties or individual consultation for the past 4 years!  She couples her knowledge of human anatomy as well as the different phases of life and sex that we all go through to ensure that relationships are enhanced through a variety of products that go from mild to wild!   How better to spice up the next 365 days than to learn a little more with Lenaee!  

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Margaret Teunissen

Margaret has successfully meshed her education and experience in heath care and business . This unique perspective enables her her to work with clients who are looking to enhance their appearance ,gain self confidence and improve their communication skills. Margaret’s sensitive and personalized approach works with the individual’s needs from the inside out. Margaret is an accomplished public speaker and has presented to audiences of 10 to 500 on a variety of topics including dressing for body type, wardrobe audits, colour analysis , skin care and makeup.


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 Marilina at 180in365Marilina Renna at 180in365.com



Marilina Renna

Marilina Renna is a professional yo-yo dieter who has been gaining and losing weight for more years than Baskin Robbins has flavours. Somewhere between her 50th birthday and mid-life crisis, she decided to give dieting one last chance – she’d either get to her goal weight, or resign herself to wearing stretchy pants for the rest of her days.

Equipped with an album full of ‘before’ photos and a knapsack packed with low-cal, gluten-free, tasteless snacks, she set off on a yearlong quest for her elusive ‘after’ shot on December 1st, 2014. But with all the diet plans out there how does a girl choose just one? She doesn’t, that’s why Marilina tested 12 diet claims in 12 months (12 in 12), and documented her journey on her blog, Searching For My After.







Raza Aziz

These days of fast-paced and busy personal and professional lives, knowing how to have it all, while keeping sane, boosting our incomes and living a full-filled life is of vital importance.    


Raza Aziz is a fine example of a common man who broke himself free from the shackles of the corporate world and after many painful and almost successful attempts at entrepreneurial ventures such as real estate, forex trading, Owning ATM machines and running a Network Marketing business, just to name a few; finally learned to not only how to generate successful results; but how to generate these results FAST. 


Raza, went from being a serial entrepreneur to becoming an International speaker in just under 14 months by implementing the strategies and knowledge that he learned from his mentors and today Raza speaks all over the world and teaches this unfair advantage to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.  He is currently on a North American tour and in the past 6 months has graced the stages in all over Europe, Canada and the US. 


Follow him gallivanting the world at www.instagram.com/therealrazaaziz and don’t forget to say hi to him!


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Rhonda Mcmahon

Outdoor Adventure Seeker,
Certified Hike Leader (Day & Wilderness)
Certified Yoga Instructor

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Rhoni Hazelwood

Rhoni Hazelwood is an dynamic Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, CCF Certified Life Coach and proud Mama of 15 year old twins. With 25 years of business, investment and personal growth experience behind her, she truly enjoys empowering others through education, inspiration and in leading by example taking bold action in pursuit of our biggest passions and desires. Her personal experiences as an Human Rights Activist and Public Speaker on Global Citizenship and Poverty as well as her work leading teams on the ground floor in East African Countries supporting the disadvantaged through building of schools and water treatment projects has shaped her vision and deepened her dedication over the years to further assist people in living their best life without the emotional and financial burdens many face today. Rhoni will consulting us in the Wealth department sharing her advice and tips on where to put our money to see the highest financial returns and why it is of critical importance today to create multiple streams of income to secure a bright future for our family.


Sonya Cote of 180in365.com





Sonya Cote

Sonya Cote is an author, speaker, mentor and actor/singer. Her career in the entertainment industry began as a young teenager and has continued throughout almost four decades. Sonya is also a sexual abuse survivor with a huge personality. She has a unique ability to turn every experience and adversity into high art, high camp or relatable content for anyone.

When not working in the legitimate entertainment industry, in her early twenties, Sonya moonlighted as a stripper, table dancing for thousands men and listening to the outpouring of pent up feelings carried by her male audience in those bars. When in her forties, with her fringe life supposedly behind her, Sonya was called upon to form a burlesque troupe and tour doing corporate shows for such notables as BMO, the Harbourfront Festival and the Princess Margaret Hospital.

As a singer with several recordings, film scores and awards and nominations populating her resume, combined with a 35 year + career in television, voice overs and film roles, Sonya now brings her vast experience to speaking stages and private mentoring clients in an entertaining and very personal way, for both relationship mentoring and performance coaching for the budding entertainer. Sonya is compassionate, direct and succinct, and her advice are delivered with poise and humour.

Sonya is the author of I’m Not Naked(anymore); Memoirs of a Contemporary Jezebel. In this era of #AfterMeToo, Sonya delivers a wonderfully written and insightful book on personal growth. Soon to be released, October 2018, is Jezebel’s Boudoir; A Collection of Elegant Erotica.


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Stan Samole

We’ve developed a unique system for analyzing every detail of your tax circumstances over the last 10 years, which enables us to be able to find tax refunds for the majority of our clients.

Most accounting firms will offer to conduct tax reviews for you that can cost thousands of dollars with no guarantee of ever getting a refund. We’ll take the risk of conducting an in-depth review of your tax returns for the last 10 years – and if we don’t find a refund for you, you won’t pay us a thing.

Let us find you the tax refund that is rightfully yours.


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Tammy and David Stanley

After being a poster child for money mistakes, David and Tammy showed me how “Discipline brings freedom.” Applying their surprisingly simple system, including gratitude, money tracking and compounding options, along with how to create a money-making machine, has me both winning back my time and on the road to financial freedom! – Martin Wales, President, CustomerCatcher.com (and proud provider for a beautiful wife Jennifer & 6 children)

From broke to earning millions and speaking on international stages alongside legends like Les Brown, Tony Ribbons and Sir Richard Branson I can say without hesitation that David and Tammy Stanley are world class GURU’s destined to be walking on those stages.  Their book Freedom=(Time+Money)2 and their ‘Simple System’ is filled with priceless wisdom to change your life.  –  James MacNeil “The Guru Builder” & President, EQ Communications

David and Tammy Stanley are the co-authors of ‘Freedom=(Time + Money)2 – The Simple System to Change Your Life!’ Say goodbye to your stress and fear around money today with simple yet effective strategies to make anxiety and your debt disappear. Discover where your hard earned money is going & claim the wealth you deserve!

Together David and Tammy have been invited to international stages with world-renowned speakers. If you want to win the money game in life, their expertise is exactly what you need — a fresh, practical, real-world perspective from someone who’s been “there and back” and come out with peace of mind and a comfortable lifestyle.

Visit www.IgniteYourFreedom.com where this power couple of personal finances offer you even more FREE Tips, Tools & Resources to win your financial freedom starting today!

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Tom and RoseMarie Hooker

Ballroom & Latin dancing releases endorphins, or feel good chemicals into your blood stream. This means that even a little dancing can improve your mood. A long stressful and tense day at work or school can be balanced with just an hour of dance. Still, dancing can do more than just cure depression, improve fitness or help you lose weight. Ballroom dancing is good for your brain. In fact, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that ballroom dancing can diminish the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s because it is both a physical and social activity that requires a certain degree of memorization. Dancing also helps strengthen muscles and build bone mass which can help prevent osteoporosis.e will be adding our list of experts soon



 Tony Bagetta from our experts and mentors on 180in365.com



Tony BaGgetta


Tony Bagetta is a serial successful entrepreneur and has owned multiple businesses in several industries.  

Tony is a popular public speaker, coach and mentor, leading hundreds into new market expansion. Tony helps people to develop problem solving and goal setting skills that result in their massive success and income.

At present, Tony is in the process of building teams to create distribution channels in 24 countries.


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Tony vassallo

In 2010, I was over 300 pounds, had a 50” waist and was classified as
morbidly obese. In 16 months I lost over 130 pounds and have kept it off ever since.

 My group is called MODA, the MODA Mission: To help anyone struggling with their weight to EAT and THINK their way to a healthy weight for life. This is done by eating real food—we use real food to
flavour real food.

MODA Group Support: A group of like minded individuals who share the common interest of achieving a healthy body weight for life.


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Do you want to get involved?  Do you have a skill you can teach us that will help turn our lives around, and the lives of all the people around us?  If you do, we really and truly want to talk to you to make you part of our experts and mentors team.  Please click here or visit the Make a Proposal page to make your proposal!