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180in365 community forumThis forum is for the benefit of our entire community of supporters, backers, experts and more.  We want everyone to participate in our journey.  Heck, we want everyone to BENEFIT from our journey!

So here’s the deal… if you have a question, ask it here.  Whether the question is directed at Marg and Bob, one of the amazing coaches / mentors / experts or just to the world in general, ask it here. 

The flipside is that if you read a question or comment from someone else, help them out if you can.  This way we can all grow together.  Yes, we absolutely encourage you to contact any of our experts with questions about your specific case.  However, if you are curious about something or want an answer that’s not specific to you (i.e. what’s a ketonic diet?) then asking here will allow everyone to participate with information and to gain from the answers.  Get it?

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Would you consider sponsoring us?  


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08/04/2018 5:07 pm  

Hi all!

Marg and I have a really important question that we'd to ask you: Would you consider sponsoring us?

Frankly the effort of creating three TV shows a week, blogging daily, posting on the social sites AND sending and responding to email is more than we anticipated.  That's probably our bad, but we REALLY want to do this.

There are many ways you can sponsor us:

  • You can sponsor our TV show
  • You can advertise on our show
  • You can sponsor our website (or place an ad)
  • Sponsor or advertise on our upcoming newsletter
  • And of course we're open to many other things too!


If you can sponsor us, or if you need more info, please contact us through the "Make a Proposal" page.  We'll give you all the info we can to make a good decision.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Your friends in abundance,

Marg and Bob




Please help us and our entire community to move towards our goals and a life well lived.  Do you have a question? Do you have an answer??  We really need both.

Both of us thank you in advance for adding your special input and helping us all out.  You are awesome and we truly appreciate you!