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01/04/2018 2:39 pm  

We may still adjust this list, but we think it's really important that in addition to just stating our overall objective that we also give details.  Here is what we expect to do in this coming year. We've arranged our goals by category:


  • Balance blood chemistry - Sugars, cholestorol
  • Reduce or eliminate blood pressure issues
  • Lose weight / get to our optimal weights
  • Get fit... and STAY fit
  • Regain full shoulder movement
  • Reduce join inflammation
  • Make our sex lives even better
  • Have more fun and more love and laughter in our lives and those around us!



  • Eliminate all debt except for mortgage
  • Develop sufficient retirement cash flow
  • Both of us being totally self employed
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce or remove stress
  • Improve the operations and profitability of our businesses
  • Improve marketing reach and conversion


Wisdom / Knowledge

  • Develop a balanced approach to work and life (eliminate workaholic tendencies)
  • Deeply explore our relationship with God
  • Increase our self confidence
  • Better understand human needs and motivation
  • Increase our capacity to give back
  • Leave a legacy for our children and theirs
  • Develop our ability to meditate
  • Explore the world - create a plan that allows us global travel
  • Develop our abilities to give back out accumulated knowledge gained through this journey to others



Please help us and our entire community to move towards our goals and a life well lived.  Do you have a question? Do you have an answer??  We really need both.

Both of us thank you in advance for adding your special input and helping us all out.  You are awesome and we truly appreciate you!