This is Us,

Being All that we can be

Developing Our Path to a better life

We’ve been together for quite some time now.  Over half of our lives have been invested in our living and loving together.  There have been times of long distance work and travel that have led to extended separation, but we’ve managed to to use our time apart to make our time together even better.

So now, with kids grown and our future opening itself to limitless possibilities, we are taking this time and this bold step to become the individuals and couple that we truly want to be.

Out future is unwritten and as yet unscripted.  Who do we actually want to be?  What is most important, and how do we pay back and show our gratefulness for what we have and what we’ve shared?  We are looking to do and be all those things, and we thank you ahead of time for all that you can do to help us.

MarG MacLean

Bob MacLean

Want to know more about us? Just ask!  We aren’t saying we absolutely will add in what you’re asking for, but we DO promise to at least consider it!  If there’s something you want to see, or (gasp) if you’ve found an error or typo, please contact us and we’ll set things straight.

Oh yeah… the opinions of our experts and guests are their own personal views and do not necessarily reflect those of either Marg or Bob.  We value freedom of speech and allow our guests to express their views, whatever they may be.


Our business Endeavors

There are several businesses and personal pages that we own / operate.  This is them.  This is US.

We’ve been through a lot of personal businesses over the years, from part time MLM to full time technical consulting.  All of that history and experience have boiled and distilled down to these:

E-Syndrome Book

The 8 deadly viruses that can kill your business, and how to cure them


  • Our book!
  • Intended for new entrepreneurs and business people


  • Humorous format
  • Easy reading


Global Nexus TV

The most powerful tool available for promoting you as an expert

  • Global Exposure
  • Each channel a destination
  • Own a channel
  • Star on your own show
  • Advertise to your specific market
  • Sponsor shows and event

NEWBI System

Here to help entrepreneurs to achieve success as they define it

  • NEWBI is the home site
  • Marketing & process automation
  • Marketing systems
  • Social media managment
  • Full / PT virtual assistants


Shazaam Websites

Website design, hosting, backups & more

  • Website design and development
  • Website automation as part of complete system
  • Website backups
  • PC / Laptop / Phone backups
  • Offsite data storage
  • SEO

Robert G MacLean

Speaking & Success Coaching

  • Personal Coaching and Mentoring
  • Group coaching


  • Keynote speaker
  • Event speaking