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We want to live our lives to the maximum… longer, more fulfilling lives… more giving back… more legacy to live our family and the world… and more

This site documents our full journey towards being healthier, wealthier and becoming significantly wiser.

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With the help of our incredible coaches, experts and mentors, we WILL make 180 degrees of life changes in 365 days.

That’s simply all there is to it.


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Learning to Live the Right Way

Our relationship is 30 years in the making.  We have three terrific grown kids and (hopefully) it won’t be long until the next generation begins to arrive.  We’ve had the opportunity to both travel and live in several countries and have some wonderful friends too.

And yet, there are some major things missing…

Over the years, our weight has steadily creeped upwards to where it’s now a health problem.  Under the guise of needing to work more, our health and fitness have declined alarmingly.  Sleep has been harder and harder to come by.

In the money front, we worry daily about whether we’ll ever have enough to kick back and do the things we really want to do, like travel and work on seriously great tans.  How do we get our money to work harder for us?

On the business front, we need help in realizing the astounding potential of our initiatives.  Things are moving more slowly and at a much lower level than we KNOW it’s capable of.  Also, our businesses take the lion’s share of our waking time each and every day.

Something needs to change.  We do!  And this is our start.

Starting right now, we are embarking on a massive and terrifying journey into personal improvement in all things… and we’re doing it with full public view in order to get help and encouragement from the world. 

Our hope is that you’ll get involved on some level in our quest to turn our lives a around with a full 180 degrees of life changes in 365 days.  Maybe you can be one of our experts / coaches, or maybe you can be an enthusiastic supporter.  Or maybe from time to time to can come and walk or hike with us!

However you want to participate, we thank you.

And now… on with the journey!

What We’re Working On


  Health & Fitness      

Our weight is too high.  Both of us have health problems. We are too inactive and we really miss playing sports!


Wealth & income   

Our money doesn’t work near hard enough.  Also, there just isn’t enough money to leverage the harder work


Wisdom & KNowledge

We want become better people for ourselves and for the world.  We want to explore our spirituality, sexuality, our place in the world and more



Our businesses are moving forward at a small fraction of what they could be doing. At the same time, they are taking FAR too much of our time

180 degrees of life changes in 365 days

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