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Catch us here!  Our weekly 180in365TV shows will be found each week on 180in365TV.  At 9PM Eastern timezone (UTC -5) we’ll publish the latest weekly update about the experts, weigh-ins, learnings, triumphs and flops of the week as we move towards our goals of becoming healthier, wealthier and wiser.


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Week 26

Sorry for the delay, but we’re here!

The bad news is that we’ve been in a real rut and funk while all year long we’ve been beset by a mounting series of problems and issues.  It’s been bad.  The good news?  It turns out that this is exactly what’s supposed to happen!

Have a watch of this special show to see what we mean and what we’re doing about it.  Game on!

Got a question? Ask away!

Want to find out more?


Cool! But I have a question…

Week 24

We’re almost at the mid-point of our year long journey.  We’ve learned a ton and met a huge number of fabulous experts and coaches.  It’s time for us to get cracking.  Have a watch and see.


It’s time for us to start giving back.  Here we go!

So! Whatcha think?


Week 23

It’s been quite a week, and we’re taking a day off up at Blue Mountain.  What a day it was!  And now… back to work.  Sigh

The good news is that we’re welcoming back someone who has really given us solid things to chew on and ideas to mull over.  Even better, she’s also given us accountability and actual real world suggestions and solutions.  What more can we say? Watch the show!

Sock it to us! What do you think?

Week 22

Money blocks.  We all have ’em to some extent.  Turns out that we have some doozies.  Watch this week’s show as we come to grips with it with the help of our of our favourite coaches.



Week 21

Summer is moving along now.  Around these parts, it was downright chilly the past two nights.  The weather people say that summer is coming back by the end of the week, but this is definitely enough to get the leaves thinking about changing their colours and the people to think about moving south before it’s too late!

For those of you who aren’t ready to make the grueling cross-country trek to somewhere nice and warm, click on the video to the left and watch and learn as Andrew Boladis puts Marg and Bob through their paces.  Simple and effective home-based fitness.  What could be better?  … other than living in a warm climate!



Week 20

Can you believe it?  It’s September!  It still feels like summer is just getting started.  Life certainly does move along, whether you want it to or not, doesn’t it?

How’s your piggy bank doing these days?  Has it got lots of bucks in it to fatten it up, or did you have to take it to market to make ends meet?

Whatever your answer is, you ought to check out this weeks show.  Where ever you stand, this will stop you from have to go wee wee wee all the way home!



Week 19

Whew!  We had a TON of issues getting this week’s show online and ready for you to watch.  All sorts of things reared their ugly heads, but in our pure hearts we KNEW that this message had to be heard, and we doubled our efforts.  Here, at last, is our latest show… TA DA!

That last paragraph is perhaps a tad on the “overdone” side, but hey, we can be pleased with the results, can’t we?  This week’s show marks us reaching the milestone of being 1/3 of the way through our 365 days of questing.  Have a watch and tell us what you think.  Even better, help us step things up for the remaining 2/3 of a year to make our quest, and all the remaining shows, spectacular!

Or just keep dropping by and seeing what’s up.  That works too.



Week 18

We’re back!  We had a FABULOUS cruise to Alaska and we’re ready to rock.  In the meantime, do you know what happened while we were away?  NOTHING!

Give us a week please to get rocking.  We have some changes to make to our 180in365tv shows and a TON of videos to edit too.  Have a peek at our short show this week for more.



Week 16

Do you like games? Are you passionate about prosperity?  If so, you REALLY need to watch this week’s show.  In fact, you’ll want to participate as well, and we’ll have some info on how to do that in the weeks ahead.

Stay tuned!



Week 15

Do you have a money block?  Speaking personally, I was shocked to find out that I did.  How on earth do you build the life you want to live when you have secret blocks holding you back?

The answer is to talk to Andrea Jones, which is exactly what we did.  Have a watch and think about what might be holding you back.



Week 14

Time for a little health and fitness break.  I know, I know, it’s summer!  It’s time to spread the blanket in the shade of an old Oak tree and to just relax and let the world go by.  

But hey, we’re making some big changes in our lives, and that includes our weight and overall fitness.  So here we go, on another new turn in our year.  C’mon by and check our our fitness guy and his interesting approach.  Stick around for our very own nutrition expert too.  He’s going to knock your socks off with stuff you never knew about stuff that everyone knows.

What??  Just watch the show.  It’ll all become clear!



Week 13

I can just imagine us sitting down with a famous Hollywood producer and reviewing our show.  “Too staid!” he might say.  “You know what’s missing?  Sex!”

OK, that hasn’t happened and the chance of it ever happening is pretty darn remote too.  Regardless, this week’s show is about… sex!  We’re talking with a lady who really knows what she’s talking about, and she’s working on us, um… expanding our horizons, shall we say.  

Want to know more?  Watch the show!



Week 12

Did you ever wish you knew more about your money and how credit works?  Do you sometimes get caught with more month than money?  If either of those things is you, you need to watch the Week 12 show.  David and Tammy lay it all out in simple, effective terms to help even us save some bucks.

Week 12.  Wow.  That’s three full months.  That’s also a LOT of work creating the 180in365tv shows.  That’s OK though… you’re worth it!



Week 11

It’s time to talk to Dr. Richard again, so that’s just what we’ve done.  It was also time to check in with the great skin lady and get stuck under a blacklight to see how we’ve been doing.  We did ALL our homework though, so the results were pretty good.

Don’t take OUR word for it, click the video and see for yourself!



Week 10

Woah.  This week had some serious, and I mean serious, learning to it.  Serious enough that we got on the line with Coach Rick to discuss it.  And of course, we recorded it all for you.  It’s all here.

You know, all that heavy talk aside, we also got some fabulous business learning from a successful, serial entrepreneur on just what he did to achieve all that success.

I guess you could say that the learnin’ just don’t stop this week.



Week 8

This week, as part of our two month celebration, we’re going to take a stroll down memory lane.  OK, the lane isn’t very long yet, but neither is my memory!

Have a look at some of our favourite stuff so far!


Week 7

More stretching, more Hailey, less Marilina and some canoeing too.

What more could you ask from a weekly video??





So… what do you think so far?  Please leave us your thoughts and comments on your 180in365tv shows likes and dislikes

Week 6

Back because you asked for it… Raza!  Back to finish off his interview

Coach Rick weighs in on his thoughts about how we’re doing

Meet Rhonda.  She tortures us… and laughs!


Week 5

Fallout from our first month – what did our nutrition coach Tony Vassallo think about our progress?

A little Razzle_Dazzle as we check in with a terrific friend who also happens to be an amazing example of someone who visualized his life and then lived the dream

Toys? Did someone mention toys??


Week 4

One month!  Wow, where DID the time go?  Where ever it went, it’s behind us and time to reflect and to move forward.

In this week’s show, we’ve got our one month check in / checkup.  How have we done?  Let’s find out what our experts think.

We’ve also got some fabulous words from our guests, and a titillating look at some toys… and we’re not talking about gifts for the kids either!


Week 3

Week 3 is a money show.  We are doing the whole trifecta of becoming healthier, wealthier and wiser, so tonight we begin the journey on he wealth side.  Not just for us, but for you too!

Have a watch as we talk to our experts Sam and Rhoni and see if the time spent isn’t as profitable for you as us.


Week 2

Week 2, like all weeks, was a great one to be alive.  We moved forward with our healthy living and our diet.  The weather sure didn’t help us out with us wanting to get out and walk!  You REALLY owe it to yourself to check out our workout.  At dance class, we worked on the Jive.  Fun!

We met some terrific people along the way as well.  Want to get happy?  Watch this show and smile!


Week 1

This is it, our first show!  Meet coaches Rick Rivera and Tony Vassallo, two guys helping us start strong on our year of change.  Watch us go through our first weigh in and measurements… on second thought, you can skip that part!


Do you have an idea for interesting TV content for us to explore? Please let us know!  We’d be delighted to tell the world who gave us such great ideas for our 180in365tv shows!